Monday, March 16, 2009

Yum Yum!

*barging into my room*
Savannah: *very matter of factly* Mama, there's throw up- on Caleb, on the chair, and in my mouth. (Caleb has had a stomach bug.)
Angel: *closes her eyes and tries to go to her happy place for a moment* Why is it in your mouth?
Savannah: *looks at floor* ...because I eat it.
Angel: Why did you eat it?
Savannah: *no response, looks guilty*
Angel: Did you want to know what it tasted like?
Savannah: *nods head 'yes'*
Angel: Did you like the way it tasted?
Savannah: *nods head 'no'*
Angel: *proceeds into living room to discover recliner COVERED in throw up with one hand print smeared in the middle*

Trust me, this image will be with me for the rest of my life. And yes, Savannah then started throwing up shortly after this.

Moral of the story: Don't eat throw up!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


*Completely out of the blue, Savannah walks up to Mama*
Savannah: But it's not good enough
Angel: Excuse me? What's not good enough
Savannah: But... it's not!
*Savannah walks off*
Should I be disturbed by this interaction, because I am!

*Savannah and Mama reading a book.*
Savannah: I'm just so happy!
Mama: So happy about what?
Savannah: So happy about you!
This helps a great deal to make up for the conversation listed above.

I Peeped!: Savannah's word for going to the bathroom.

*Eating breakfast*
Savannah: *singing* I hate this part right here!
Mama: What did you just say?
Savannah: I said *singing* I hate this part right here!
Yes, it is the line from the PussyCat Dolls. Yes, it was sung perfectly in tune.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some of my fave recent conversations...

*watching preview to Friday Night Lights*
Jared: Another show I can't stand!
Angel: Why?
Jared: I'm not sure.
Angel: Have you even seen an episode?
Jared: No.
*both burst out laughing*

*looking at manger scene*
Melody (my mom): Savannah, do you know when Jesus was born?
Savannah: Umm... on his birthday?
Savannah: *pointing to huge angel next to manger scene* And who's that big guy?

Scene: Saturday morning, mom in robe, Jared in boxers (Is this too much info? lol.)
Savannah: *with VERY shocked expression* Dada, you are not wearing a shirt!
Angel: Well, Savannah, sometimes, guys don't have to wear shirts.
Savannah: Yeah, or pants!

Angel: I was so sick last weekend! I had to go to the hospital because I couldn't stop throwing up, and they were worried about the baby.
Student: If you threw up too hard, could the baby come out of your mouth?

Student: What are you drinking?
Angel: Vanilla Diet Coke, want some?
Student: I don't want to get pregnant!
Angel: Excuse me?
Student: I mean, if I drink after you, can't I get pregnant?!
Angel: Why would you think that?
Student: Because you have like boy stuff inside of you!
(Yes, she was serious!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mama & Savannah Act I Scene 1

Setting: in car at Sonic

Mama: Ok, you want an apple juice slush, right?
Savannah: Ummm... I think I have a chocolate milk.
Mama: Ok, so you don't want an apple juice slush?
Savannah *looks at Mama like she has lost her mind*: I want apple juice slush.
Mama: Ok, so you don't want a chocolate milk?
Savannah *gives Mama same look*: I want chocolate milk.
Mama: Wait, you can't have both, just one. Do you want a hamburger or hot dog?
Savannah: I want apple juice slush ANNNDDD a chocolate milk.
Mama: I'm just getting you one drink so I'll get you an apple juice.
Mama *ordering food*: Ummm, can I get a large vanilla diet coke, a kid's apple juice slush.... and a kid's chocolate milk.
Mama *hands drinks to Savannah finally*
Savannah: Ummm.... fries?!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Checking in...

Well, things have been busy around here... there's been a cruise, new ministry opportunities, my sister's pregnancy, grandparents visiting, birthdays. You name it. It has happened. Every day I just feel more blessed!

I can't even express how precious my hubby is to support me and watch kids so that I can take break to hang out with high schoolers, clean house, or SLEEP! I really love sleeping, but I digress. I just looked that up in the dictionary because the spelling of digress didn't look right, but then I was like, "What would it be spelled like?" Needless to say the ex-English teacher was correct. Should I be able to spell if I taught for 4.5 years?!

I just started with a new ministry called Shabby Chic Ministries. Slogan: Vintage Truth Refurbished. Do you love that?! Me, too. Ugh, these women are brillant seminary educated geniuses (you can also say genii, which is hilarious to me). Anyways. Man, I would give myself a bad grade for this writing assignment! We are developing a curriculum for women to teach themselves, or we can come teach it. I am just floored that I have the opportunity to be doing this now- writing and teaching! Heavenly! After the first meeting I came home and cried to Jared that I needed this group of amazing women in my life! Then, the next meeting I came home and cried that these women are going to figure out who I am and kick me out. Lol.

I've been speaking to the youth on Sundays some and heading up the small groups on Wednesday night. I will also be taking care of a friend's baby Mon.-Wed. while she goes back to school. Things are so insane, but my kids are awesome! I'm so pleased that I have the blessing of getting to stay home with them.

Caleb is really trying to crawl, but loves to walk when you hold his hands and really loves to jump when you hold him. The boy hardly ever stays still. He laughs constantly and has the biggest smile. When he just sees his sister, he starts laughing. It is so fun to see sibling interaction. Love it!

Savannah is hilarious! I was talking to her the other day and said as I held up two fingers, "One and one is..."

She replied, "One, Two!"

"Good!" I held up both hands. "Five and five is..."

"Fingers!" she screams. How can you argue with that.

She also loves to sing "Tinkle Tinkle little star... up a bubba world so high." She calls Caleb "Bubba."

She also sang, "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so. Uncle Ricky him belong!" I tried to convince her she had the words wrong but she insisted they were correct!

Anyways, as you can see, it's "SO FUN" as Savannah would say, ok now I'm going to go spy on all my precious friends. Ande, I miss your blog the most!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A New Plague

We have termites! Ummm, we found a little pile of dirt in our bathroom (looked like a tiny ant hill) because they made a little exit tunnel. So let's get back to the exit tunnel... what are they for you might ask. Hmmm.... Yes, they are so these creatures can FLY OUT OF THE HOLE INTO OUR HOUSE! Why wasn't this one of the plagues on Egypt, because just short of the killing of the firstborn, I can't think of a plague that comes close to this horrible! We are getting them treated and closed up the tunnel with duct tape (hey, the pest guy told me to). Even after we treat them, they are alive for 30 days and could still SWARM! I'm really in freak out mode here, so please pray this doesn't happen. I told Jared we might just have to move if it does! I keep envisioning coming in to check on Caleb and having him covered in termites. Then I try to convince myself that I would actually save my son instead of just running out of the house by myself screaming. Ok, I have to go now and put blood on my doorpost in hopes of having the angel of death NOT VISIT HERE!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm a bad blogger...

I'm a bad blogger, but a good mother, maybe... at least that's what I keep telling myself!

This is LONG past due, since my son is 3 months old this Friday! But you see there is this whole taking care of a baby and toddler thing while balancing a new job to deal with.

Ok, of course posting the pics for all my babies' fans out there.

SO... I had Caleb Dec. 21st which you might recall is close to a MAJOR HOLIDAY. Did I think that this would be a problem, of course not, because I am the eternal optimist and thrive on doing 101 things at one time. Could I have waited until after Christmas, yes, but I thought, "Hey, who wants to be preggers on Christmas when you could be holding that baby OUTSIDE OF YOUR BODY?!" (Do you put thoughts in quotes, yes, now you do.) Are you with me?

So, it was one thing after another... got that beautiful baby boy, got a sinus infection, took meds, I was allergic (not pleasant AT ALL), also dried up my milk (got it back, praise Jesus!), got NO SLEEP (even in the hospital), cried on Christmas (pathetic, but I was so sick), family went back home, Savannah got a stomach virus, I got that, then we found out we ALL had strep (mom, dad, Chanel, Brian, Jared, me, and Savannah), blah, blah...

We are well now and just basking in the blessings and sleep deprevation of being a family of FOUR! What?! I feel like I'm 40 years old or living someone else's life! It really is so wonderful.

I also am the youth intern for Fellowship Bible Church, and it is a dream job! I write the curriculum for Wed. night Bible study, lead the 10th grade girls, encourage the female leaders, etc. I still wonder when they'll figure out that they're paying me to do what I'd do for free. ;-)

Ok, everyone caught up? Miss you and love you so!